What we have learned in the last four weeks

Looking back over the past few weeks it seems like an eternity since we left our home in Oregon on August 11. There have been relaxing days and others that were packed full of learning. All has been enjoyable and  fun experiences. I (Char) thought it would be best to list things in bullet form.

  • We are having an enjoyable adventure!! And an adventure it is with many highs and a few challenges.
  • Delivery was made of our 2018 Entegra Anthem by Cowboy and staff of National Indoor RV Centers in Phoenix, AZ.

  • The Desert has its own beauty. A few pictures from the Pahrump, NV area where we took a two day driving class.

  • Yes, it is possible to turn a 45′ coach on a dime. It is all about setup and not moving too fast. Ken, our instructor from RV Driving School, was an excellent. We learned backing, turning, driving up and down mountain passes, and even parallel parking. We highly recommend that anyone owning an RV take a class even if you have been driving for years.
  • Driving 55 mph (speed limit in California when towing) is relaxing. I call it no pressure driving.
  • It can be hotter in California in August than is Arizona. Ask us how we know. Paso Robles, CA was hotter than Arizona. One can escape to the Central California Coast to cool off at the beach and to find wonderful brown butter cookies in Cayucos.

  • Owning an RV like the one we have means being tech savy and being willing to learn things and do things that you haven’t done in your life experiences. Such as emptying black and grey tanks and in what order, doing a scan for TV stations each time you relocate, not having a shifter in a console such as in a car. Thank goodness Bryan enjoys tinkering and usually has a fix or solution for whatever happens.
  • RVing can be done in many types of vehicles. We have seen small trailers and large trailers, fifth-wheels as long as our 45′ Class A, toy haulers and others with a lift to transport a scooter or motorcycle. There are weekend RVers, full-timers, part-timers going out for a few weeks or months at a time.
  • People are people wherever you go. Some are friendly, others private. People are willing to share information and helpful advice. As newbies to this life style we very much appreciate their knowledge.
  • You don’t need a lot of “stuff” to have a very comfortable life. We brought as much clothes as could fit in a suitcase. Cooking items are our Keurig and Instant Pot. Dinnerware has been disposable plates, bowls, knives and forks (some we wash and reuse) which we had quite a stash of and needed to use.
  • There are great local eateries everywhere. I mentioned the brown butter cookies. We found the Cider Creek Bakery and Joe’s in Paso Robles.
  • And at this point we are loving our Tiny Home. It is the perfect space for the two of us and Tucker.
  • We ended our 5 weeks away from “home” by having generator service done in Coburg, OR and a trip to Woodland, WA for final plans to remove a sofa and install a fireplace, cabinets with wine rack. Now we are back to Central Oregon to pack warmer clothes, more cooking items and head East. Thanksgiving in Canada here we come!

Thanks for stopping by. We will be back again soon..


10 Replies to “What we have learned in the last four weeks”

  1. Lori and I are very Happy you are enjoying retirement. One day we’ll message you and say we’re in the neighborhood (where ever that may be) and would like to meet. Until then, keep loving life!


    1. We hope to be in your neck of the woods in November sometime. Yes, a meet up would be great wherever that may be. We mean have to have an EXR rally at an RV Resort or campground with all that are owned by the group or may be in the future.


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