Two boys, three dogs, one cat, and FIRE!!!

Part of our trip this past month was to look after our wonderful grandsons, Jaxon and Logan. The fur family includes an elderly, diabetic, blind chihuahua mix sweet dog, a funny chocolate lab retriever, and a loving but obnoxious calico kitty. Along with our Springer Spaniel the animals outnumber the humans.

On the Sunday before Labor Day, Bryan returned home from a walk with Clyde and firmly said we were taking the boys and all the animals to the RV which we had parked at a resort about 20 miles north. The reason? There was a brush fire in the hills about a mile from the house. It was about 7:30 pm and darkness was closing in.

We found the carrier for Samantha, took a change of clothes for each of us, and headed to the RV. Now, our dog is not cat friendly at all. And Samantha does not put up with dogs whether they are not friendly. She hissed, Tucker barked. Not pretty. Bryan, one boy, two dogs, and Samantha in one car. Tucker, the other boy, and Tucker in a second car. Poor Samantha had to spend the night in the carrier in the car. I think the boys enjoyed the adventure.

What did I forget to take? Bauer’s insulin and supplies. Fortunately he had received his evening dose and wouldn’t need another until after breakfast in the morning.

By early the next morning the reports were that air support was being brought in to fight the fire so we headed back home. The fire covered over 500 acres. A new small fire had started on another ridge. Bulldozers, many firefighters from San Diego to Sacramento and Davis came to help battle the blaze. There were two helicopters and four planes dropping water and fire retardant all day Labor Day. Fire crew were present for almost a week on site. How grateful we are for the commitment of these firefighters and the hard work they did to the hillside. Tough terrain to perform firefighting.

 A plane dropping retardant on the hill. Sorry the photo is small. Pulled it off the Gilroy Mayor’s Facebook page.

The cause? Some young people playing with fireworks. With dry brush and very hot temperatures at the time this was foolish. It would be foolish at any time and any where.


5 Replies to “Two boys, three dogs, one cat, and FIRE!!!”

  1. Wow! A caravan of kids and animals!🐶 You are always welcome to stay with us! We are just up the road a bit. It was a scary adventure. Samantha would not have liked adding our Cody dog to her world


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