Traveling East – Sept 28 – Oct 5, 2017


We left Bend, OR, on September 28 and headed east across the US. Our route took us through Idaho with our first night spent in a Walmart parking lot in Jerome, ID. Leaving Jerome our route took us to Ogden, UT where we turned east and headed towards Rock Springs, WY. In Rock Springs we dry camped at the Walmart.


The third day of travel took us along I-80  into Nebraska with our next stop being Sidney, NE, headquarters of Cabela’s.


This location had a great RV park where we camped for the night and, of course, shopped. It took another day to complete crossing Nebraska and we spent the next night Walcamping (parking lot of Walmart) in Lincoln, NE. Our destination for a couple of days was Cedar Falls, Iowa where we stayed at our first KOA Kampground. We were there to visit our friend Jo Santos who Char had worked with in Sacramento for many years. We became familiar with the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area as well as all the corn fields gracing the countryside.



Continuing our adventure east, we wanted to avoid going through the metropolis of Chicago. We were able to circumvent that area, headed into Indiana and only had to pay at one toll booth on the Interstate. Next stop: Michigan City, Indiana – another Walcamping location. I will add that we either know we can stay overnight at these locations through an app or we will check with the manager. And since we are there at Walmart, we usually go in to buy something for the free parking – DEF fluid, little mini-pies, fuses, batteries, well you get the picture.

Our seventh night on the road was the destination of Port Huron, MI at a great KOA Kampground. We had now travelled about 2200 miles. We arrived early enough to enjoy this huge location of over 200 sites. During our walk around we noticed several campsites with Halloween decorating in progress. We learned that the following weekend there would be a competitions for the best decorated campsite, a Halloween parade, and other festivities. People come with trailers loaded with their decorations to hopefully win a prize. This happens at other locations as well we have learned.IMG_3684


The next morning, October 5, we were ready to cross over into Canada to prepare for the Thanksgiving festivities in that country. O! Canada.


4 Replies to “Traveling East – Sept 28 – Oct 5, 2017”

    1. You hit on one of the reasons we have chosen this lifestyle. It’s great to travel internationally but there are all these books and crannies in our continent that have great history and beauty as well as wonderful people.


      1. I’m sure that’s true, and there are so many cultural differences in different parts of the country – different traditions, food, architecture and different ways of speaking. I’ve heard that sometimes people from opposite ends of our country (like Maine/New Hampshire and the southern states) have trouble understanding each other because of their accents and idiomatic expressions. So, it’s not far off from the differences you find when traveling in Europe. I love to hear about your adventures! Hugs. Marcy


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