Ontario Canada

On October 5 we crossed the border into Canada at Port Huron/Sarnia. One of our first stops was for a Tim Horton’s coffee at a rest stop that are huge. There  is fuel, lot of parking for cars and for transport trucks and of course, RVs. We were soon driving through Bryan’s hometown of Kitchener, Ontario and on our way to Green Acre RV Park in Waterloo right next door to Kitchener.

We enjoyed several meals with Bryan’s son, Matt and his wife, Alexis. Stops at Canadian Tire, Zehr’s grocery store, and the market in the Mennonite community of St. Jacobs brought memories as well as yummy food. We purchased a turkey roll for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with Bryan’s sister, Betty and summer sausage.

On Thanksgiving day, October 9, we attended the Oktoberfest parade in Kitchener. Though it was well represented with groups from the German social clubs, it was also internationally represented by people of Scottish, Vietnamese, and Korean ancestry.

The weather was unusually warm for early October – upper 60s/low 70s – so out came the pellet BBQ to roast the turkey. It was yummy with all the fixings.

The following day we left the RV and drove to eastern Ontario just north of the city of Kingston to visit Bryan’s nieces. What a wonderful visit we had with more family. And a visit to Bryan’s sister, Barbie who lives in an assisted-living facility.


8 Replies to “Ontario Canada”

  1. Glad you are doing well. Hope the RV class was helpful with all your travels and you can enjoy driving the rv and have a easy time driving and parking.


    1. Hi, Ken,
      We have used the skills we learned in the driving class very well. We are very glad that the class was one of the first things we did after purchasing the coach. Bryan has even let me drive a few times. We have logged over 11,000 miles, seen many wonders, visited friends and family, and met new friends too. Thanks for being a great instructor.


  2. We are enjoying your trips! Do you plan to be in the PNW anytime this summer – maybe Bend? We’ll be there the first couple of weeks in July.


  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! I sent you an article from NGeo about snow spirals in Ottawa. While not the same province, snowy weather can bring surprises.


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