Where Have We Been!?

Since it has been such a very long time since we have been on the blog, we decided to go back to January, 2018 and catch up from there. There may be a future blog about our adventures for fourth quarter 2017. Just don’t hold your breath while we catch up on this year.

After Christmas we traveled to Sacramento where we stayed at the Cal Expo RV Park for a month. The rainy season had started so there was standing water behind our RV parking spot. January gave us time to breathe following traveling 11,000 miles in four months. Being back at our California base there was time to visit precious friends, go to favorite restaurants, get used to cooler weather, enjoy the American River Bike Trail on foot, and attend a model railroad show with our grandsons.


We made a trip to Bend, OR to the apartment to box up items to bring back to Sacramento for storage as well as donated items that we knew we could live without. Another downsizing experience. We learned that the queen size bed in the apartment is not big enough for two adults and a medium-sized Springer Spaniel. All three of us were very happy to return to the king sized bed in our home-on-wheels.

I (Char) attended several rehearsals of the Sacramento Choral Society. They are preparing for concert of the Mozart Requiem and Morten Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna on April 7. The choir performed these compositions in the Disney Concert Hall in 2008. I have wonderful memories of the concert and the venue.

We kept watching the weather to the north praying that it would remain fair for safe driving over the Siskiyou mountains into Oregon. With good weather predictions we left Sacramento the end of January and headed towards Mt. Shasta and down to the Rogue Valley where we camped at the new Southern Oregon RV Park. IMG_4651



4 Replies to “Where Have We Been!?”

  1. Southern Oregon is beautiful! Hope to see you on the road one of these days, will be in central Oregon the last week of June and first week of July.
    Keep the blog coming!


  2. Love Southern Oregon! Keep the blogs coming. We’d love to run into you (not literally) one of these days, will be in Central Oregon the last week in June and first week of July.


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