And now on to February

The purpose of our trip north during winter was to have a modification done to our coach. We had purchased the floor plan we liked best, and that would work for us. However, it did not have a fireplace. We wanted a fireplace for the ambiance and possibly for heat. Yes, it is electric. Our coach is all-electric; no propane. The floor plans that have a fireplace were not quite what we wanted. We found a business in Woodland, WA that would do exactly what we wanted. Moved the hide-a-bed from one side to the other and installed a fireplace with additional counter and cabinets.

We went from this:

To this:

The fireplace has been a great addition to add warmth when we are in cold climates, a soothing ambiance, and the additional counter space, wine rack, cupboard and drawer provide extra storage always needed when full-timing.

The Oregon Coast. A trip on a beautiful day to Florence, Reedsport, and Newport was a treasure. It was pleasant enough to sit outside for lunch.

We explored several RV parks for future stays. During this time we spent a week at a Lane County RV Park in Eugene. Eugene has great walking trails along the Willamette River with nature preserves for bird watching.

Rogue Valley

The area around Medford, Oregon has changed a lot since our first visit. We are impressed with the large numbers of wineries as well as a great campground. We spent 10 days at the Southern Oregon RV Park in Central Point. The park is very new with outstanding WiFi, spacious sites, a dog park and plenty of space to walk.

Our wonderful Medford friends showed us around the area on several days. How sweet time is when you haven’t spent time together in quite a while. We enjoyed a wine and an afternoon snack at Kriselle Cellars on a beautiful February afternoon. The cheese at Rogue Creamery provided sampling of delicious cheeses. We returned later for a grilled cheese sandwich and to purchase some cheeses. We learned there is a link to our favorite California creamery, Vella Cheese Co. in Sonoma. Both were started by members of the Vella family. The Rogue Creamery was established first, 75 years ago.

Winter was still present southern Oregon. (The snow didn’t last more than a few hours but it was cold.)


Watching the weather closely, we pointed our home south on I-5 toward Weed, CA and then headed north again on Hwy 97 to Bend, OR. The purpose? To move out of our apartment, including selling furniture and downsizing once again.


2 Replies to “And now on to February”

  1. The fireplace looks very nice! We love ours too in our Entegra! It makes a nice cozy warm feeling when there is a chill in the air like today in Grapevine, TX. Cold and raining all day. Safe travels 🙂


    1. We made very good use of the fireplace in Oregon and Arizona. We ran it all night and dropped the thermostat in the front to 60 deg. Saved on some diesel.

      Sounds like winter there in Grapevine. We are in beautiful weather in Florida. We are officially Florida residents!


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