Bryan & Charlene (Char)

IMG_0842Hello, and Welcome!! We are Bryan and Charlene (Char) Black, who started our adventures about 10 years ago. We purchased a wonderful BMW K1200LT touring bike, took a couple of long trips, then joined a touring group (Expresso Riders) to take more trips. We have travelled thru most of the western US states, British Columbia and Alberta on those two wheels. We have also cruised the Caribbean and Alaska, spent time in Hawaii and visited China, Normandy, Paris, London and much of Italy with the Sacramento Choral Society.

About four years ago we started thinking about what we would like to do in retirement, and where we would like to live. We love to travel, to see what else there is in this world, and to meet people along the way. Our decision was to purchase a Class A Diesel Pusher motorhome,  then travel for as long as we can all over North America. We live on a diverse continent both geographically and culturally.

On our motorcycle travels we were introduced to Bend, OR, which is where we decided to start our Big Adventure. So, after years of planning, after Bryan retired in January, 2017, we put our house on the market. It sold in two days and we were packing and pitching for our move to Bend, where we now live with Tucker, our English Springer Spaniel and travel mate. We downsized from a 1500 sq ft house to a 900 sq ft apartment.

We love Bend and Central Oregon in general. It is a dog-loving city with the best dog parks and so many dog owners. There are a lot of outdoor activities as well, great breweries and the blessings of a small city. (Population is about 87,000.) This means nothing that is necessary is more than a 15 – 20 minute drive and a tank of gas lasts us about 10 days.

We have ordered our “New Home” and will take delivery in late summer. In the meantime, we will post updates about some of the things we learn about Central Oregon.

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